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Number of visits: Date:2018-04-29

In order to enrich staff’s spare time and improve the teamwork, JGalaxy Unions organized all staffs to hike and climb at Zhongshan Tianxin Forest Park on Apr,29th.




All morning we climbed uphill through the winding road and stone steps, on the face of forceful and magnificent green sea Lin Tao, you will feel an endless and the United States and a wordless .






It has rugged ridges in the forest park, we can see the trees and flowers along the stone path, and streams shall murmur all around. 


Hiking and climbing can make us feel relaxed and give your brain a rest from work-related thoughts. And broad vision gives you the best sightseeing. Fly your mood to harmonize with the nature.




After finished hiking and climbing, we had our lunch together, and ends at 15:00pm.


This sort of activity is always getting its perspective results, which are a relief from working pressure, an enrichment of leisure time and an enhancement of a friendly relationship among colleges. Even though we felt "a little tired”, but it is a very meaningful exercise.


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