2017 New Year’s Day Celebration by JGalaxy concluded with a perfect ending

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The past 365 days and nights seem like 365 steps which have been recorded in the history. Looking back to the year 2016, we are full of all sorts of feelings well up in our minds, and our efforts have come up with great achievements and a lot of happy smiles.On this special occasion, JGalaxy hold this grand New Year’s Day Celebration, to wish good luck and great success in the coming New Year 2017.



When the night approaches,streetlamps begin to light, two hosts walked on stage to announce the opening of our New Year’s Day Celebration.


With the music started playing, nine mysterious friends from all over the world came onto the stage which in cloaks and wearing blinkers, they danced to the pop music, and greeted by loud cheers from audiences. Oh, they are the management representatives of JGalaxy which send their New Year wishes in this special way.


Dance is always the most attractive program in the evening party, This night we have watched various dances, such as the beautiful, hot and traditional dances, it is not only a feast of the eyes, but also a listening pleasure.


Short sketch, it brought a lot of happiness to audience, and it was even comparable to thetelevision programs, such as news knew early, wronged memory and the spring of leftover women, which had us laughing all the time.


There will be a Lucky Draw Session during the celebration, lucky prize, first prize, second prize, third prize and the mystery prize were out as the excitingprogramsprogressed,and itput the activity into a very exciting and lively atmosphere.


Songs, these seemingly simple words have hidden limitless emotional energy, which touched people’s heart. Let us sing together, and use our best songs to send the best wishes.


Finally,the evening party to a successful conclusion with deep affection of chorus of "lbelieve".2017 New Year’s Day Celebration by JGalaxy concluded with a perfect ending

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