Fire Drill

Number of visits: Date:2016-12-22

In order to decrease the happening of hazards, enhance the security and resilience,and allow employees to leave the scene quickly and safety, meanwhile let employees know how to use an extinguisher properly and a way to escape, JGalaxy hold a fire drill at 3pm on Dec 22 2016.

All employees were soon evacuated when the fire bell ring.



Drillmaster Cai, from Tanzhou fire brigades, guided us how to use an extinguisher properly to put out the fire at the company’s playground.






Next, all of employees watched a video of the fir cases that have major impact on the whole country.




Then, Drillmaster Cai told us the fire control knowledge, such as how to prevent the happening of fire and the right way to put out the fire. Finally, this fire drill was ended in the big applause of all attendees.


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