The Award Ceremony activity about“Mother’s Love”for Mother’s Day

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The theme activity aboutMother’s Lovefor Mother’s Day had came to an end successfully.


There are two types for this collection activity: photo and writing, which should keep to the topic of “mother’s love”. Staffs can record the touching stories or people with the simple language and moving details.


Vote on WeChat Official Website.


Between May 24 and May 29,all works can be voted on JGalaxy We Chat Public Platform, and ultimately it produced two prizes according to the results of the vote.



Photos:  the best popularity award, 1, won by Zhao Xinnan. Prize: Omron sphygmomanometer

Writings: the most caring award, 1,won by Yang Liping. Prize: Omron sphygmomanometer.


Vote AtThe Scene:

At noon onMay.27th,all works were exhibited on the column in staff dining room. Each staff can vote with two special stickers, the red one is for photo works, and the green one is for writing works. After appreciating all works, staffs were actively participate in the vote.




According to the results of the vote, the prize winners as follow:


     First prize: Li Jianting

Second prize: Luo Fengfei    

                       Zhao Xiaorui

   Third Prize: JinXianglian



     First prize: Chen Zhilian

Second prize: Qin Guangyun  

                        Li Buwei

    Third Prize: Zhang Yulin 


                       Zhao Xinnan     

                       Wu Lirong


     First prize 1:prize: Omron sphygmomanometer

Second prize 2:prize: backpacks

    Third prize 4:prize:Household articles for washing


      Frst prize 1:prize:Omron sphygmomanometer

Second prize 2:prize:backpacks

     Third prize2:prize: Household articles for washing


The Award Ceremony:

May.31th, 2016, we presented the awards at 5:00P.M in the training room.


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