HEX Core

Depends on the dimension of HEX core required, a stack of aluminum or plastic plates are assembled by folding along opposite edges. The aluminum/plastic plates are machined with corrugated surface, which increases more heat radiating area and leads to more air turbulence,to enhance cooling capacity finally.


The design parameters of HEX core include: the flow rate of the air as working fluid, the inlet and outlet temperature, working pressure, heat exchange efficiency and cooling capacity, in addition, pressure drop, size and weight should also be included. The important parameter is cooling capacity.


HEX core has two independent air ducts, one duct combines with ambient to be outer loop, another one combines with cabinet to be inner loop, inner and outer loops carry on heat exchanging through HEX core by forced convention, in order to achieve the purpose of removing heat from cabinet.


According to airflow's arrangement there are HEX cross flow and counter flow HEX core, and HEX core can be made by aluminum foil or plastic film;Due to smooth surface and anti-corrosion of fin, HEX core has excellent ability to resist corrosion and prevent fouling.


The stack of plated of cross flow HEX core is kept together by means of 4 corner pieces and 2 plates on top and bottom, to prevent cross-contamination between 2 different air paths, each corner is sealed by silicon glue.





The stack of plates of counter flow Hex core is kept together by designed frame according to different applications, to prevent cross-contamination,sealed by silicon glue based on variable designs.






Aluminum HEX Core


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Plastic HEX Core


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