Heat Exchanger(HEX)

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat between 2 fluid media for its

main purpose. Heat exchanger is basically used in outdoor closed cabinet.



Cooling Capacity (W/K or W / ℃)

Cooling capacity is the most important performance for air-air heat exchanger, which stands an amount of heat

can be removed from cabinet when the temperature difference ΔT between cabinet and ambient is lowered 1℃

(1K) in unit time. Basically expressed by formula as below:


q=Q/(T internal inlet -T extenal inlet)

Q:The total heat goes through internal or external cycle

internal inlet(#3):The average temperature of internal inlet.

external inlet(#1):The average temperature of external inlet.


Pressure Drop(Pa)

The price you have to pay for the heat transfer is pressure drop in the

heat exchanger, the pressure drop is mostly described as friction between

the fluid and wall surface in the heat exchanger and must be

overcome by using a fan or a pump to force the fluid through the heat

exchanger channels. Normally the pressure drop is given in Pa or mm

water column (mm w.c.).





Heat Exchanger(HEX)

Air-air Heat Exchanger

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Thermal Siphon HEX

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