Integrated Cabinet 

JGalaxy's integrated cabinets are designed to provide a clean and suitable working environment for indoor / outdoor telecommunication, network equipment, etc., using a series of designs such as high-low temperature resistance, anticorrosion, dust prevention, waterproofing, lightning protection, etc. There are a variety of cooling options to ensure the working environment of equipment, energy saving, modular design.

Flexible and diversified cooling solution integrated

According to different temperature control scenarios, doors with different cooling solution can be selected (door installation interface size is the same),as well as a variety of doors with different cooing solutionfor a single one cabinet is available.


Free cooling integrated cabinet

Natural convection integrated cabinet

Air-air HEX integrated cabinet

TEC cooler integrated cabinet

HEFP (Heat exchanger of folded plate) integrated cabinet

TS (Thermosiphon) HEX integrated cabinet

Compressor cooler integrated cabinet

Multiple cooling solution integrated cabinet

 All products are customized