TEC Cooler


A thermoelectric (TE) cooler, also called Peltier cooler.
is a semiconductor-based electronic component that functions as a small heat pump. By applying a low voltage DC power source to a TE module, heat will be moved through the module from one side to the other. One module face, therefore, will be cooled while the opposite face simultaneously is heated. It is important to note that this phenomenon may be reversed whereby a change in the polarity (plus and minus) of the applied DC voltage will cause heat to be moved in the opposite direction. Consequently, a thermoelectric module may be used for both heating and cooling thereby making it highly suitable for precise temperature control applications.


TEC Cooling Capacity
A typical single-stage thermoelectric module was placed on a heat sink that was maintained at room temperature and the module was then connected to a suitable battery or other DC power source, the "cold" side of the module would cool down to approximately -40°C. At this point, the TE module would be pumping in a relative thermal balance and would have reached its maximum rated "DeltaT (DT/max)." If heat was gradually added to the module's cold side, the cold side temperature would increase progressively until it eventually equaled the heat sink temperature. At this point the TE cooler would have attained its maximum rated "heat pumping capacity" (Qmax). 




 Green products with cooling and heating functions

 Small, light and easy to handle

 Highly reliable: The service life of TEC cooling module is longer than 200,000 hours

 Can be used with typical power supplies: With a ripple within 10%, TEC Cooler can be powered using typical rectifier power supply or switches

 Low noise: The cooling part does not generate noise and the only noise of the TEC cooling unit is that from the fan

 Can be tailored to customer needs


 Radio stations / Shelter /container
 Telecommunication room / computer center
 Supply / battery / rectifier cabinets
 Server area / rack cooling
 Automatic control cabinet / program control center
 Machine Cooling / driver cabinet / CNC machines
 Turbine control room
 Billboard / Display information booth


Dimensions, weight and installation
Height 275 – 1500 mm
Width 215 – 2000 mm
Depth 95 – 450 mm
Weight 5 – 60 kg
Assembly Side installation/embedded in the gate/top installation
Scope of application Outdoors / indoors
Environmental protection and performance
Range of working temperature -40 to +55 °C
Noise level 30 - 65 dB
Dust and water proof environment Industrial protection degree: 55
Cooling performance and operating data
Cooling capacity 30 – 500 W
Coefficient of performance  Up to 1.2
Internal air volume 150 – 1200 m3/h
External air volume 150 – 1200 m3/h
Power, frequency and scope
Input voltage  24/48 VAC
Major components
Controller Industry / telecommunication
Fans Industry / telecommunication
External materials
Sheet Metal / color Optional


JY-TEC-100W-48V 150mm×300mm×205mm Click to enter
JY-TEC-200W-01 180mm×400mm×210mm Click to enter
JY-TEC-200W-02 181mm×400mm×208mm Click to enter
JY-TEC-200W-03 310mm×480mm×159mm Click to enter
JY-TEC-200W-10 410mm×520mm×170mm Click to enter
JY-TEC-300W-01 430mm×630mm×125mm Click to enter
JY-TEC-400W-01 400mm×820mm×185mm Click to enter
JY-TEC-500W-01 400mm×1050mm×186mm Click to enter