Heat Exchanger of Fold Plate




The enclosure is equipped with a fan or fans. The internal circulation is of forced convection and the heat is exchanged by means of natural convection via external circulation. With no noise and flexibility the cooling module can be designed according to customers' requirements.





H N M D W Plate thickness(T)
200~900 5~8 5~16 25~120 ~ 0.3,0.5


JY-HEFP-732×462×110-01 732mm×462mm×110mm Click to enter
JY-HEFP-814×217×42.5-01 814mm×217mm×42.5mm Click to enter
JY-HEFP-637×310×27-01 637mm×310mm×27mm Click to enter
JY-HEFP-732×562.5×78-01 732mm×562.5mm×78mm Click to enter
JY-HEFP-814×367×42.5-01 814mm×367mm×42.5mm Click to enter
JY-HEFP-922.4×887×141.5-01 922.4mm×887mm×141.5mm Click to enter
JY-HEFP-730×380×100-01 730mm×380mm×100mm Click to enter