Free Cooling Box

Intelligent ventilation system is a kind of ventilation which controlled byintelligent logic, itmakes full use of the base station internal and external environmental temperature difference, to realize natural falling of temperature by introducing into external cold air and expellinginside hot air directly; to reducethe running timeand energy consumption by controlling the running state of the base station air-conditioning.


System theory and major components:

Type JY-FCB-3000-01 JY-FCB-1500-01
Operating voltage  48VDC 48VDC
Cooling capacity t=10°C )                 kw 10 5
Cooling capacity                                       W / K 1000 500
Blast volume                                              m3/h 3000 1500
Maximum energy consumption of fan at rated voltage               kw 0.2 0.09
Noise(one meter to the machine room)                                                          db(A) <60 <60
fan quantity                                                  PCS 1 1
Filter                                                            Level G4 G4
Height    (H)                                                 mm 610 610
Width    (W)                                                  mm 605 505
Depth    (D)                                                  mm 605 420