Silicone Rubber Heater


Silicone rubber heater consists of a resistance wire or foil and 2 layers silicone rubber, a resistance wire or foil is totally bonded within the 2 layers silicone rubber after curing, a silicone rubber heater has many features of heating rapidly, high thermal efficiency and thin, bendable and flexible, its shape can be made according to customer's requirement, and it also can be cured to metal sheet or heatsink directly.


Main features:

 Excellent extreme-temperature resistance (-70℃to 280℃) and heat insulation performance.

 High strength, soft and ductile, easily cut and processed.

 Good chemical, oil and water resistance (can be scrubbed).

 Excellent resistance to heat, aging, weathering, ozone, oxygen, light, etc.

 Excellent mechanical strength, able to bear a mechanical stress of 200kg/cm2.

 High insulation performance, with a dielectric constant of 3 to 3.2 and a breakdown voltage of 20 ~ 50kv/mm.

●Can be customized as customer requirement, such as shape, size, wattage , installation, etc.




Communication, power, medical industry.

New Energy Source Industry(Battery).

Video camera, digital Video Recorder.

Diagnostic medical device: heating sample tray, reagent vase and etc.

Heating secondary planet component.

Protecting the mechanical and electronic equipment of plane in cold air.

Testing or simulating IC.

Outdoor electronic equipment such as card reader and LCD.

Keep constant in analysis instrument.

Mechanical engineering, system and plant engineering.

Automotive industry, conveyor system.

Welding technology, Iron and steel rolling equipment.

Lumber processing machinery.

Printing and paper-making technology.

Office and information technology.

Food and packaging machinery, textile machinery.

Machine production, transportation, railway technology.

Shipping technology, IT industry.




Dimensions(length * width * thickness)



350mm × 250mm × 1.6mm

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280mm × 140mm × 3.0mm

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300mm × 210mm × 25mm

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